Starling in Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings


A distinctive pair of rustic earrings, the perfect choice to go with every outfit.

These Starling in Sterling Silver Dangle Earrings pair effortlessly with an elegant black dress, or with a favorite Tshirt and jeans. Your new go-to earrings.




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  • Slender, 1 1/4″ in length, the Starling in Sterling Dangle Earrings are so comfortable, you might forget you’re wearing them.
  • Distinctive design. Gentle curves in Sterling silver give an elegantly simple, feminine touch, while the aged appearance creates a timeless, vintage flair.
  • A dangle, sporting a tiny 2mm faceted Swarovski clear crystal, sits atop a robust, 3mm faceted pyrite stone.  Pyrite is known in lore as “fool’s gold”, for its appearance of a shiny, gold-flecked metallic composition.
  • So versatile, your other earrings will be jealous.

A lovely pair of sterling silver dangle earrings with an edgy attitude.

These sweet earrings have a feminine influence with gently sloping wire hooks that compliment the graceful curves of the Starling “S” infinity design.  Balled ends add a sophisticated, finished detail to each flourish.  A shimmery dangle softly plays at the base of the Starling “S”. contrasting a sparkling Swarovksi crystal against the steely metallic pyrite stone. 

But these beguiling earrings aren’t afraid to show their mettle.  Light and dark colorations of the wire tell the story of the creative process, where the heat of the flame enabled the shaping and texture of the components during fabrication.  The weathered appearance was the result of only lightly buffing and tumbling for shine and hardening,  so that the jewelry kept it’s genuine, uniquely rustic character.  I love that these pieces are the product of true artisan crafting.   

These earrings will be too busy to make their way into the jewelry box.

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