Starling in Sterling Hoop Earrings


Eye-catching Sterling hoop earrings created with a nod to Lil Bird’s Signature style.

These Starling in Sterling Hoop Earrings make the perfect gift for the earring lover in your life.  She doesn’t have this original design.  Yet. 



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  • 1.5″ from top to bottom, these handcrafted hoop earrings are made entirely of Sterling silver for exceptional quality jewelry.
  • A smaller size in hoops, so that they won’t feel heavy, or compete with your other jewelry.
  • Original, intriguing wire work design at the neck resembles a geometric puzzle that will impress even the most contemplative people you know. 
  • Handcrafted ear wires are carefully formed for a comfortable fit.

The circle gets an update.

A study in circles, these Sterling Hoop earrings swing with constant movement.  Four circles make up the earring, from the hoop itself, to two circular links to the ear wire, and last, a freely rotating ring that passes through the hoop.  There’s a hint of the Signature Collection’s wire wraps that take form to securely close the hoop in a twist.  Balled ends finish the design nicely, and give visual balance to the earring.  The components, after being formed by flame, were buffed, tumbled & hammered for hardening and texture. 

And did I mention, it really does look like a puzzle?!

In all, these are some pretty cool pieces that you likely haven’t seen before.  Here are hoop earrings that have intricate wire work so that circles can get a stylish update.  Proudly wear these and tell friends you’ve re-invented the wheel, beautifully.  

A natural fit with The Starling Beaded Gemstone Bracelet and The Starling Signature Necklace.