Starling Signature Necklace


The best of two collections: Starling meets Signature in an unforgettable necklace.


When something works, you stick with it.  The Signature Collection’s bar wrap design is recognizable as an unique Lil Bird design.  It’s now featured within The Starling Collection, adding it’s strength and beauty. 



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  • 16″ necklace adjustable up to 20″ using the 4″ extender.  An advantage to choose the length you need.
  • All Sterling silver components, including the open cable chain and lobster claw clasp. 
  • Handcrafted designs.  Signature’s recognizable bar wire wraps link together the Starling’s  “S”  shapes: the best of two collections.
  • Bold 2-3mm pyrite stones bring contrasting in color with their dark tones against the brighter Sterling chain.
  • A sliding dangle at the focal point, made from pyrite and an icy blue, 2mm aquamarine bead, give life to the necklace.  It lights up the neckline!


If you’re looking for a unique detail in a necklace, meet the darling of Starling.


The Starling Signature Necklace is a rendering of both the Starling and Signature Collections.

It signifies strength from Signature’s wrap design, and rustic elegance as seen in Starling’s “S” shape.  Signature’s contrasting elements of light & dark are present in the varied tones of the necklace.  The shimmery midnight pyrite beads stand out against the light Sterling chain and Signature bar components.

Starling’s gritty, earthy appeal shows through in weathered “S” hooks that look as if they have stories to tell.  Stations of gemstones make lovely spacing details, as is also done in Starling.

The blending of the two collections makes for a truly special and unique piece, and so it’s the darling of Starling.  A design hasn’t been seen before, and is incredibly limited in availability.

The Starling Signature Necklace is a natural to pair with The Starling Bar Bracelet in Sterling Silver.  Add on the Starling in Sterling Earrings, and you’ve got the best Starling set yet!