Starling Long Chain Earrings with Freshwater Pearls


The chic answer to a heavy chandelier earring.

Perfect for long earring wearers, these Starling Long Chain Earrings will highlight your every move.  They’re playfully lightweight so that you can make your best moves in the hottest salsa, long past midnight.



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  • 2″  in length to reach just near the jawline for an alluring look.  
  • Handcrafted Sterling Silver components are given an artisan finish for a modern look.
  • A demure, 3mm freshwater pearl dangle sweetens the romance. 
  • A silky soft chain to tease all day.

These could very well be my favorite Lil Bird earrings.  Ever.  

Long earring wearers have a special love for a dramatic appearance.  Sometimes though, more drama means more added weight.  Heavy earrings are a drag, so to speak.  The last thing an earring should do is stretch an earlobe. 

I created these Long Chain Earrings to modernize the heavy chandelier-style earring into a sleek, fluid design that’s featherlight  for comfort.  

While chandeliers can not only overpower the ear, they be so involved that they can overwhelm your other jewelry.  Not cool. 

These earrings can certainly be worn on their own, or work perfectly with your other necklaces.  Their length and profile are carefully matched so that the eye will want to travel vertically down from the ear without disrupting the neckline.  Say goodbye to clunky earrings.

I may also boldly suggest that the Long Chain Earrings are the obvious choice to be paired with any Starling Collection necklace or bracelet, especially with, of course, the Starling S Chain Bracelet.  They’re constructed with the same contrasting designs I love to mix: light tones vs. dark, soft textures vs. hard, romantic elegance vs. upscale industrial lustre.  The rustic darker grey tones resulting from the forming process are offset by the angelic freshwater pearl dangle.  The work-hardened Sterling wire is gentle to the touch as the S links make a fluid trail.  They’re clearly not just a plain old pair of chain earrings. 

The Starling S Long Chain Earrings with Freshwater Pearls are truly as enchanting to be seen, as they are comfortable to wear.