Petite White Floral Icicle Ornament





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About Petite White Floral

A sister to Petite Lavender Floral Icicle Ornament. 

Petite White Floral gets her name from the white floral lampwork bead on her stalk. 

This ornament is made of heavier Swarovski crystals than Petite Lavender Floral, and it wasn’t til the design was finished did it look like a dressmaker’s mannequin.  (She was previously called Victorian Lady because her form and Sterling silver chain arms, and puffed crystal shoulders, looked that way.  In keeping with this collection’s icicle names by color, she was renamed Petite White Floral.

The Argentium hanger was built into this ornament, and features an additional dangle of crystals, a typical additon to many of Lil Bird’s creations. 

Swarovski crystals

Lampwork bead

Glass beads

Argentium and Sterling silvers

Silver tone spacers, beads and components

Height from top to bottom:  5 3/4″

Width:  1/2″

Stocking stuffer

Tree decor

Window decor

Secret Santa

Dressmaker’s gift