Nicholas – Crystal Snowflake Ornament


“Nicholas” from the Greek origin meaning “Victory of the People”, also notably St. Nicholas, Santa Claus.


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About Nicholas

It’s as if a piece of the old world has come back for a new tradition.  Nicholas stepped out of a Russian Empire steeped in wealth and tradition.  Gorgeous handcrafted Venetian glass in tones of burnt orange and bronze compete against delicate Swarovski crystals, garnets, moonstones, seed beads, and the tiniest of freshwater pearls.  Strands of Sterling wire twist throughout, highlighting each bead in its path.  

Sterling silver wire

14/20k gold-filled chain

Venetian glass beads

19 Swarovski crystals

5 moonstones

6 freshwater pearls

4 garnets

seed beads

gold-tone components

Height from top to bottom: 4 inches

With chain: 7 in

Width: 4 in

Holiday gift

winter birthday gift

tree decor 

window decor