Neve – Crystal Snowflake Ornament


“Neve” from the Irish origin meaning “bright or snowy”.




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About Neve

Neve is one of the closest of the ornaments to resemble an actual snowflake. Swarovski crystals dominate this design with a variety of shapes and facets to catch every brilliant spark of light.  Sterling wirework is soft on Neve, letting the beads takeover for her charm. Five of her arms use wire orbits for depth, while four arms carry dangling amethysts for movement on her solid structure.  Turn Neve around and the back features an electric shine of purples and blues from her crystals. 

33 Swarovski crystals

4 amethyst beads

Sterling wire

Sterling silver chain

Seed beads

Height from top to bottom: 3.75 inches

With chain: 6.25 in

Width: 3.5 in

teacher gifts

stylist gifts

Secret Santa

winter birthday

stocking stuffer

wine bottle decoration

window decor