Natasha – Crystal Snowflake Ornament


“Natasha” of Russian origin meaning “Born on Christmas Day”.  Natasha could have been from the finest of treasures belonging to a Russian Czar.  She’s as regal as anything from Faberge. Oh yes I said it!




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About Natasha

Natasha is a piece of gold.  She has a warm glow of amber and sunlight as her every move sparks a shine of deep rich tones. 

Eight Venetian glass beads in shades of gold, with gold foil linings, dominate  in this ornament’s design. Swarovski crystals  in clear and shades of yellow, work alongside Venetian glass for texture and shimmer. Sweeping strands of Sterling wire form a butterfly on the opposing arms while a thicker 14/20k gold-filled wire winds along the center stalk. She’s an enchanting ornament that will bring warmth and cheer on the coldest of winter days. 

14/20k gold-filled wire

14/20k gold-filled chain

Sterling silver wire

8 Venetian glass beads in gold foil

37 Swarovski crystals

6 glass beads

Seed beads

Height from top to bottom: 4 inches

With chain: 5.75 in

Width: 3 in, generally 

Special occasion keepsake

winter birthday

stocking stuffer

wine bottle decoration

window decor