Green, Aqua and Black Beaded Icicle Ornament





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About Green, Aqua and Black 


Green, Aqua and Black Beaded Icicle Ornament has vibrant greens and thin black stripes that define sections of the bead. This is one of many Murano beads you just want to keep turning in your hand to see the show.  Verdant beads in shapes of diamonds and spheres from my Parisian stash make this ornament flow from top to bottom.  Almost as if the were forty shades of green..

After a few years of Snowflake Ornaments, it was time to add onto the winter collection with Icicle Ornaments.  Just like the snowflakes, Icicles were made with the Lil Bird flair for detailed design with quality materials like Argentium and Sterling silvers, and Swarovski crystals for more rich and brilliant appeal.

Each icicle was named for the spectacular mouth-blown, Murano glass bead featured at the top of each ornament.  These beads were chosen for their impeccably crafted and delicate design, authentically created in Murano Italy.  

Segments of beads were carefully pieced together on Argentium wire.  Once linked, the icicle comes to life with movement and tons of sparkle. 

Please use a common wire ornament hanger to display the icicle.  If desired use the small extender chain at the top for additional length.

Venetian glass blown bead in green, aqua and black, from Murano, Italy

Handcrafted glass beads in greens and teal 

Swarovski crystals

Glass beads

Silver tone beads and components

Argentium wire

Argentium and Sterling silver components and chain

Height from top to bottom:  11″

With chain extender: 12″

Widest: 3/4″

Keepsake gift for:

wedding, anniversary, birth, memoriam

winter birthday

stocking stuffer

Secret Santa



tree decor

window decor