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About Golden Crystal Snowflake


Every year there is a grand lady of the snowflakes, and it is usually featured in 14/20k gold-fill.  Golden Crystal is the 2021 dame of the entire Ornament Collection and she is full with gold embellishment, semi-precious stones,  crystal, Venetian glass and the tiniest of seed beads to adorn every space of her structure.  She would be at home on the desk of a queen or hanging in the window of a palace.  She’s that confident in her materials and her presentation. 

Swarovski crystals and silver tone spacer beads work in repeating patterns on the branches, while fiery-polished crystals dangle from the sides. 14/20k gold filled wire sporting more crystals and beads, wraps snugly around each stalk. A cluster of moonstones in teardrop shape form a flower capped by a crowd of crystals in the center.  Wisps of peridot make graceful arcs above the flower, and add dimension to the entire flake. 

In my humble opinion, Golden Crystal is the finest Snowflake ever offered by Lil Bird. She’s sure to brighten your castle for years to come.

Limit: One Golden Crystal in stock

Lil Bird’s 2021 Ornament collection wouldn’t be the same without Snowflakes. They almost didn’t happen this year, as shoulder surgery kept me from working on them till mid-autumn.

I’m thrilled to report that the shoulder has healed and this year’s snowflakes are pretty fantastic.

As always, the flakes are made with Argentium and Sterling silvers, 14k gold-filled, Swarovski  crystals, Venetian glass and semi-precious gemstones.  Care is taken to create original designs within each collection, and from year to year. 2021’s edition offers four choices.  A video on the website homepage shows steps in the construct of this year’s gold flake.

The Snowflakes are the most anticipated of all Lil Bird’s collections, and it’s a privilege to have you here to see them.  Thank you so much for your support and best wishes for a peaceful holiday season.


14/20k gold-filled wire

14/20k gold-filled chain and components

Argentium and Sterling silver wires

Swarovski crystals



Venetian glass bead

Seed beads

silver-tone seed beads

Height from top to bottom:  4 1/4″

Hangs with chain: 5 3/4″

Width:  3 1/4″

A lovely addition to your collection of Lil Bird Snowflakes

Keepsake gift for wedding, anniversary, birth, memoriam

Winter birthday

Stocking stuffer

Tree decor

Window decor

Desk decor