Eira – Crystal Snowflake Ornament


“Eira” of Welsh origin, meaning “snow”. 

To be honest, I came across the name Eira after I made the ornament, which has an Irish flair.  So, while Eira is the perfect name for a snowflake, (assuming snowflakes have names), it isn’t quite Irish, but it sounds Irish.  Let’s go with it.



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About Eira

Each year I present an ornament with personal meaning. A little self-indulgent I know, but hopefully you’ll look past that. Eira is a tribute to my Irish ancestry.  

Spirited in tones of golds and greens, Eira is both festive and reverent.  She’s airy and light with dainty Sterling lace and petite Swarovski crystals. Her icicle dangles dance at the slightest touch and there’s joy in her movement. She wears her Celtic knots with pride, paying homage to belief in loyalty, faith and love while two Venetian glass beads in antique gold point toward the sun and earth.

This snowflake sports 14/20k gold-filled wire that trails up the center stalk, leading to the 14/20k gold-filled hanger chain. Her Celtic knots and metal spacer beads are gold-tone. Sterling wire gracefully arches across her arms, bearing peridot beads that repeat on the dangles.  

14/20k gold chain

14/20k gold wire

Sterling silver wire

2 Venetian glass beads

49 Swarovski crystals

20 peridot beads

2 gold-tone Celtic knot metal beads

Height from top to bottom: 4.5 inches

With chain: 7 in

Width: 3.5 in

Gift for Irish descendant

Travel memento

Wedding, baby, memoriam keepsake 

tree decor

window decor