Bianca – Crystal Snowflake Ornament


“Bianca”, Italian origin meaning “white”.  Breathtaking silence as shimmers of sun-kissed gold dance across a blanket of freshly fallen snow.




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About Bianca

Bianca is as delicate and graceful as could be.  She has beautifully crafted gold-foiled Venetian glass at the tips, each bead individually handmade and imported from Venice.  She has plenty of Sterling tendrils that wisp throughout, some with lengthy stretches carrying citrine, moonstone & Swarovski accents, and floral stems with dainty blooms.  One distinctive, fiery floral crystal rests at the center, its deep reds and purples standing at attention. 

She’ll brighten any decor, all year round.  

Sterling wire

14/20 Gold-filled chain

6 gold foil Venetian glass beads

36 Swarovski crystals

6 moonstones

8 citrine

silvertone components

Height from top to bottom: 4 inches

With chain: 6 inches

Width: 3.5 inches

Christmas gift

winter birthday

stocking stuffer

tree decor

window decor

desk/table accent

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