Lil Bird Collections

The Snowflake Collection

Available December 4, 2020

Etc... Notes, Tips & Updates

CLEANING:  For best results, gently polish your Sterling, fine silver and gold jewelry using a jeweler’s polishing cloth to remove tarnish.  Warm water and a mild dish detergent can also be used as a cleaning agent.

DO:  Store your jewelry in a sealed, airtight plastic bag to deter tarnish.  Avoid contact with lotions, cosmetics, household cleaners, and chlorinated water.

FOR CRYSTAL SNOWFLAKES:  Use only a polishing cloth to gently buff the tarnish and to shine crystals.  Soap & water and commercial cleaners may loosen jeweler’s glue used in the fabrication of the ornaments.

BE CAREFUL!!  Some silver pieces from Lil Bird have been oxidized to darken the metal and enhance features of your jewelry.  Use of commercial silver cleaners will remove the oxidation. 

DON’T USE commercial silver cleaners on gemstones or pearls.  You’re safe with a gentle soap & water, or a cleaner specified for use with gemstones & pearls. 

WHOA!!  Your handmade jewelry is delicate. Silver is soft.  It may bend with direct pressure, and it can be scratched.  Be careful when handling, and your Lil Bird treasure will love you back.